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Tooth replacement took a giant leap forward with the widespread use of dental implants — today’s preferred method of replacing teeth. Dental implants are small titanium posts that replace the root part of your missing tooth. At Devoted Dentistry we only use top of the line implants such as BioHorizons and Nobel Biocare.


A long-lasting choice, implant dentistry brings you as close to your original natural teeth as possible. Precisely placed in the same bone that once supported teeth, you’ll often enjoy the strength and function of nature. Modern dental materials produce an esthetic life-like result that may leave you completely unaware that they aren’t your natural teeth. An excellent choice for one or more missing teeth, crowns, bridges, partials and dentures can be fabricated to be attached to implants. If you are someone looking for a new start, we are also able to immediately place your new teeth on the same day as your implants!


Complete Dental Implant Rehabilitation

This is by far our favorite treatment because the results are life-changing. Sometimes, life happens, and dental care takes a backseat while we raise our children, advance careers, and maybe just avoid going to the dentist. Over time, cases involving a multitude of problems can develop including:  severe wear, advanced gum disease, and/or extensive decay. These can become daunting for the average person. Our approach is to gather as much information through x-rays, pictures, and models and develop a plan of action that gives you the result you want in as little time as possible. We cater to every situation and have several options to overcome the financial obstacles and time commitments that dental treatment can pose.

A patient can walk in with a failing complex dentition and the same day walk out with a completely new, functional, and beautiful smile. We are very excited to offer this elite level of treatment to those in Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas. Come see why patients from Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and South Carolina have come to see Dr. Dillingham!

The Same Day Teeth® Protocol

The Same Day Teeth® protocol uses some of the most advanced state-of-the-art technology in the industry to help us plan your surgery with the greatest accuracy and precision available. All of our procedures begin with a full imaging workup, using a 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan. This allows us to evaluate your underlying bone structure and plan for the optimal placement of your dental implants. With these images, we use a surgical planning software that develops a treatment strategy and acts as a guide throughout your entire procedure.

Our computer-guided dental implant surgery uses the nSequence® proprietary protocol to find the optimal placement locations for your dental implants. Next, we can place a bar-supported, immediate-load, full-arch restoration during the same visit as your surgery. Our custom-designed prosthetics are milled from a solid block of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) using impressions and computer images of your bite. This material is non-toxic and highly biocompatible. PMMA is very strong and durable, and our laboratory technicians can color-match your full-arch restoration to your natural teeth for a seamless integration into your smile. This method provides an immediate enhancement to the function and aesthetics of your bite.

With this advanced state of the art protocol our patients can have their new teeth the same day their implants are placed!

We simplify this complex process by offering easy to understand options. This is able to be achieved after an implant workup, where we will gather information about you (a 3D X-Ray, Models, Photographs, Comprehensive review of medical and dental history) so Dr. Dillingham can tailor a treatment plan custom to your needs. Schedule an Implant consult/workup today and see the difference.


Candidates for Treatment

Patients who are missing some or all of their teeth may be candidates for Same Day Teeth®. Many factors play into the decision of what treatment is best for you. For instance, before the procedure, your mouth should be free from periodontal disease and decay. Some patients may require a bone augmentation procedure prior to their implant surgery in order to restore lost bone tissue. In the absence of tooth roots, the jaw will begin to atrophy (or ‘melt away’ so to speak), and if you have waited to address missing teeth, the jaw may not have enough tissue to support the implants. Our Dental team is able to perform whatever treatments are necessary to prepare our patients for their Same-Day Teeth® procedure. If you would like to find out about your candidacy, we encourage you to schedule a personal consultation.

It is my privilege to recommend Dr. Grant Dillingham and the professional staff members at Devoted Dentistry. I could not ask for a more courteous, caring, and concerned group of professionals. I feel very confident that I am getting the best care possible with the latest technology available. Not only do I appreciate the professionalism, but I value each of them as a friend.

Shirley J.
Shirley J.